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My stand is for the earth.  If we all make little changes in our lives then the planet will have a chance to heal.  I can only make suggestions to my clients about what they can do to help our environment.  It’s up to them to make the right choices when it comes to purchasing echo friendly products.

A recipe for a successful remodel is to work closely
with the homeowner during every step of the process.

Owner: David Definer

Walk the walk.  Talk the talk. 

Build the buildable.

Lead Carpenter: Jonathan Karuna

Project photographer, and website designer:  Lisa Parsons

Green Building Links

Environmental Links

Things to consider:

  1. Where was it made?
  2. How far did this product have to travel?
  3. How did it affect the location it was harvested in?
  4. What is the chemical make-up of the product?
  5. Is it dangerous for me and my family or the people who made it?
  6. What percentage of recycled material has gone into this final product?
  7. What is the short-term vs. the long term pay-off of this product to me?
  8. Will this product last over time in my home?
  9. In the northwest we need to consider our wet conditions and choose products    that won’t support the growth of mold.

My father was a developer when I was growing up.  I learned early about the construction industry. My first job was sweeping out the model homes and installing insulation.

Salmon Spawning at Icy Creek is video footage I shot for my wife’s non-profit organization, Middle Green River Coalition. They are working to protect the Green River Gorge Greenway and the salmon that spawn in the Green River.

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