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Whole House Remodels

Looking to give your home a makeover?  We can work with you to transform your entire house.
Queen Anne Remodel

Modern updates to this Queen Anne home.  A complete home remodel including living, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, deck, and even a separate mother-in-law in the basement.  No expense was spared recreating this home.


Capitol Hill Modern Upgrade


We worked with an amazing Architect to create a home that the owners felt was there own. The focus was to capture the view of Mt. Rainer. So all of the interior walls were removed and windows were placed strategically to allow incredible views from all locations on the top level. The modern look and sleek lines brought this home into the 21st century.
No details were spared in the finishes of this custom remodel.

Wedgewood Remodel

This home was empty for two years. After purchasing the home and meeting with the clients we were able to find a design that would both make the house a home but also retro-fit old construction with new technology,

A new master wing was added and the house was given a new modern roofline that tied all of wings together.New heat pump heating system and on demand water heater. 12 foot high ceilings in the main living area with clear view windows which allowed additional natural light.

All the bathrooms were updated with heated floors and a new modern open kitchen was added.

After the initial project a few special projects were done. A pizza oven was put on the back deck with a clear roof over it for year round entertainment. A unused area of the property was over grown with invasive black berry and ivy and we were able to put in a series of decks and stairs to access remote areas of the yard and do a replanting of all native species.


Mercer Island Remodel

After purchasing this home the new owners wanted to create a better flow of how the home worked.

Walls were removed and new walls added to create and open feeling. The bathrooms and kitchen were dated and everything was redone to make sure the new owners had created a house that would grow with them. Being pregnant and getting ready to start a new family they had a strict deadline and limited budget. In the end we were able to meet all of there needs.

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